The MMR Vaccine

There was a lot of controversy about the link between Autism and the MMR Vaccine when Dr Andrew Wakefield produced a paper in 1988 explaining that he thought, based on his own research that by giving very young children the MMR vaccine, the risk of Autism was increasing therefore he concluded that it was the cause. However due the fact that there were very few individuals that he had as a form of ‘evidence’, the theory couldn’t be accepted. He was removed from his job and wasn’t allowed to continue further research. This whole issue was in a way ‘blown up’ by the media. When it was discovered by many other doctors that there was in fact no link between Autism and the MMR vaccine and information to back this up was released, the media caused a lot of worry for parents with such a wide range of headlines, ultimately, all saying different things. Because of this, parents stopped giving their children the MMR vaccine, which created even bigger problems for doctors and for the nation because the numbers of cases of Measles, Mumps and Rubella then began to increase. The children that Dr Andrew Wakefield had as evidence had stories that explained their child was completely normal until the age of about 2-5 years old. They explain that this is when their child had the vaccine therefore they were supporting the issue. However, what these people didn’t realise is that is around the age that autism is developed, regardless of whether they received the vaccine. This whole issue, had been in the press ever since as there are still people that accept it. But when taking all the separate sources of information and points of view into account its important to know there is no connection between the two.



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